An EPIRB gets the better of Flames and Fire

un epirb ha la meglio tra fiamme e fuoco news 1

The new Atlantic Rib Mission captained by Sergio Davì has suffered an unexpected, between flames and fire Sergio has thrown himself on his EPIRB GME MT403FG.

Sergio Davi: The Power of My EPIRB GME

I due protagonisti
The two protagonists
Involucro esterno
Burnt" outer casing
Involucro Interno
Inner Enclosure

This Monday 09/03/2015 at 17.10, Sergio Davì and his crew sailed on the route Agadir (Morocco) - Lanzarotte (Canary Islands), at one hour of arrival at destination and 25 miles from the coast, a fire interrupted what seemed to be a quiet navigation.

The fire burst from the engines all the way to the console. Sergio had no doubt to throw himself immediately on the EPIRB, already wrapped in flames, to extract it from the shell and to activate it.

10 minutes later they were able to control the fire and launch the Mayday also via the VHF, but the coast guard had already been completely alerted by the EPIRB GME MT403FG. The coast guard not only knew his position, but the COSPAS-SARSAT had already completed the series of checks to ensure that it was not a false alarm and had already warned by phone Sergio's wife.
Two hours later the Spanish coast guard's patrol boat reached the boat, the whole crew remained unharmed.

This is precisely the clearest example of an experienced and well-prepared emergency commander. Sergio has a mental safety link/EPIRB that made him go in the right direction. Even in case of sinking probably Sergio and the crew would have been rescued.

Surely the EPIRB GME MT403FG behaved worthily, the casing and the EPIRB were completely wrapped in flames, as evidenced by the images on the side.
Inside the enclosure there was a temperature well above 55°C which is the maximum operating temperature declared by the manufacturer.
Nevertheless, the EPIRB GME MT403FG did its job perfectly.

Sergio Davì comments "It's incredible the power that is around my EPIRB GME MT403FG, a small movement to activate it and a large number of people and machines moving in the direction of saving me. The EPIRB works and saves your life, I've always said so, but today I can also say it from personal experience! I thank GME and the organization of COSPAS-SARSAT".

The Atlantic Rib Mission

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The Atlantic Rib Mission is the new venture of Sergio Davì and his crew that left Palermo on February 11, 2015 and will reach Rio De Janeiro on board a Noah 29 inflatable boat of 8.60 meters with two diesel inboard engines, each 200HP.

The accident on Monday will cause a serious delay in the timetable, but it will certainly not stop the mission here. The damage to the dinghy is really huge, but Sergio Davì and his crew are not demoralized by this event and want to restart as soon as possible.

The Atlantic Rib Mission's dinghy houses several products distributed by Marine Pan Service, including:

At the end of the mission we will release a report with the experiences of Sergio Davì on these products.