The loudspeaker also called speaker, speaker or speaker, is normally connected to an audio player and is used to spread the sound.

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The loudspeaker is an electromechanical component that converts an electrical signal into acoustic waves.

The most important prerogatives of a speaker:

  • The power is expressed in Watts and can be RMS, musical or peak
  • The frequency response is expressed in Hz (Hertz), the wider it is, the greater the possibility of listening to more details of the sound spectrum.
  • Sensitivity is measured in dB (Decibels), the higher the sensitivity, the louder the speaker will sound with the same amplification.
  • The impedance is expressed in ohms, the lower it is and the more it requires current from the amplifier. Normally in a system all speakers must have the same impedance.

Depending on the frequency range used, the speakers are mainly divided into:

To improve the sound quality of each individual speaker and its durability, it is advisable to install a crossover upstream.

A case complete with several speakers is distinguished by the number of streets

Multi-way speakers do not usually include the subwoofer, which is sold and installed separately in conjunction with a dedicated amplifier.