Marine speaker

The marine speaker is a speaker carefully designed to counteract the effects of the marine environment.

Altoparlante marino n.1

A marine speaker is specially designed to withstand the action of marine agents, such as salt, humidity and high sun exposure.

The following are the measures that manufacturers normally use:

  • The appropriate choice of cone material varies depending on whether it is a tweeter, midrange, woofer or subwoofer.
  • Use of a reel unassailable by salt and humidity.
  • Use of coatings that make them UV-resistant, to prevent a white speaker from becoming opaque in a short time or losing its molecular consistency prematurely.
  • Equipped with stainless steel screws.
  • Sometimes they are equipped with special grooves that allow the flow of water or condensed moisture.

When a marine speaker is not properly marinated it may be subject to the following issues:

  • Rust stains under the speaker, caused by the screws or the coil, which force a constant cleaning of the boat in these areas.
  • The materials that make up the cone slowly degrade.
  • The performance in terms of audio quality is constantly and irreparably deteriorated, recommending the replacement of the speaker.
  • The coating becomes opaque and the external grille can start to crumble.