Marine Pan Service - History

Marine Pan Service was founded in 1973 with the aim of establishing an important service centre for naval electronics in Civitavecchia.

From 1973 to the present day

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Marine Pan Service, translated as "everything for marine services", was founded in 1973 by Fernando Dell'Uomo, manager of Finder S.p.A., with the aim of meeting the growing demand for electronic assistance on board merchant and passenger ships passing through the port of Civitavecchia.

Fernando Dell'Uomo was already distributing and servicing Atlas Werke ecometers in the 1960s, so in addition to his well-known managerial skills, he could count on a deep technical knowledge also derived from his passion for radiantism (call sign I0DF) and the technologies of the time.

Within a few years, the Marine Pan Service became an important reference point for shipowners with lines in the Mediterranean with regard to electronics and on-board automation.

In 1978 RINA appointed us as a Sub-Agency, a mandate which was perfected in 1985 with the qualification of RINA Agent and which lasted until 2004. It was an essential experience to be able to collaborate with such an illustrious body, also to better understand the procedures related to the safety of navigation.

In 1983 Fernando Dell'Uomo resigned from Finder S.p.A. and Marine Pan Service was further pushed towards new and more coveted goals. The size of the company increased and so did its turnover.

In 1984 another turning point came with the entry of Stefano Dell'Uomo, the eldest son of Fernando, a university researcher in fundamental physics with particular aptitudes towards computer science. Within a few months Marine Pan Service became a state-of-the-art information technology company. He could already have a company network with many computers connected and the development of our first company management system called Gabit, which was successfully marketed in the following years.

In 1987 it was decided to extend the market to the nautical sector and a new division was created within the company under the name of Yachting Division. At that time, Mauro Dell'Uomo, Fernando's last son, at the time a windsurf racer with an intense passion for the sea, also joined the company. Mauro's impact with the Yachting Division was a love at first sight, and Fernando had no doubt that he would soon take over the responsibility for Yachting.

Marine Pan Service, thus began the adventure in the boating industry, well helped by the company's solid IT structure and the large technical baggage in terms of electronics. After a short time the Marine Pan Service was already known nationally as a competitive reality in the distribution of marine electronics.

The 90s were marked by the growth of the nautical market, so the Yachting Division assumed an increasingly important role in the company and then turned into the real core business.

In 1996, the sudden and unexpected death of its founder, Fernando Dell'Uomo, did not change anything with respect to the principles imposed since the founding of the company: industriousness, quality, transparency and is our technology.

In the 2000's, Marine Pan Service's actions in the nautical sector took on an even more important role. In 2001 their own brand Nav-Station was founded and later brands such as Cobra Marine, GME and "Boss Marine" found in Marine Pan Service the ideal partner to spread their brand in Italy. Our stands during the Genoa Boat Show were always among the most crowded and Marine Pan Service was established as the first reference in the distribution of marine electronics in Italy.

In the years 2010' Marine Pan Service sensed that the aspects related to product communication were radically changing. The various trade fairs and publications in the sector were now offering little compared to a web that was transforming and a user evolving. So our site, already operational since 1997, was completely reworked by our internal software house. In 2013 Marine Pan Service was already the most visited marketing site in the Italian nautical sector.

Today Marine Pan Service is one of the most well-known and solid companies in the Italian nautical sector. A company that in the years of the crisis in the nautical sector, has expressed its best attitudes and has been able to further enhance.

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