RINA - Registro Italiano Navale

RINA, Registro Italiano Navale, has historically been a classification institute operating in the naval sector, but today it extends to other sectors.

History and Activities of RINA

RINA - Registro Italiano Navale n.1

RINA has its origins in 1861 and for the first time took on the name of Registro Italiano Navale in 1917. But it was only in 1999 that the Registro Italiano Navale was transformed into a joint-stock company under the name of RINA S.p.A.

It is one of the oldest ship classification registers in the world (the third by date of foundation) and is certainly among the most authoritative.

RINA S.P.A. is based in Genoa and is the holding company of the group. The RINA group mainly provides classification, certification, testing, testing and inspection services in the maritime, industrial, rail, environmental and other fields.

In the marine and nautical accessories sector, having a Type Approval for a given product is an indication of compliance with the standards of its class and is in some cases an essential requirement for its marketing or for insurance companies. Type Approval is one of many services offered by RINA.