Price variation for Boss Marine

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From today we can delight in Boss Marine music even at a lower cost, in fact we have lowered the list price for some stereos.

Important decreases on some products and sporadic increases

Variazione prezzi per Boss Marine n.1
Variazione prezzi per Boss Marine n.2
Variazione prezzi per Boss Marine n.3

"Boss Marine" has always paid attention to optimizing its production costs, so that the product could reach the market at a competitive price. This work is not at all easy when you have to select the best components and design very advanced models. However, even today Boss Marine proves to be successful in all this work, substantially lowering the price on some important models in the range.

The decrease was mainly made on all stereo models, except dashboard models, with decreases from 8% to 36%.
The models affected by the decrease are:
MR1306UA, MR1308UAB, MCK1308WB.6, MR632UAB, MR508UABW, MR752UAB, MCK752WB.6, MR762BRGB and MR65G3.

On the other hand, we must point out that there have also been increases due to the increase in the costs of certain raw materials. These increases influenced 2 models of amplifiers, a woofer, a speaker and 3 accessories, with increases from 5% to 22%.
The models interested in the increase are:
MR800, MR1000, MR652C, MR105, MRH7, MRANT12 and MRANT12W.