Vesper WatchMate Vision2 goes to the second generation

vesper watchmate vision2 passa alla seconda generazione news 1

The Vesper WatchMate Vision comes out of a careful review process with both hardware and software implementations and is now called Vision2.

From Vision to Vision2

Vesper WatchMate Vision2 passa alla seconda generazione n.1
Vesper WatchMate Vision2 passa alla seconda generazione n.2

The Vesper Marine WatchMate Vision was the first AIS transponder with a touch screen and integrated WiFi. An AIS that has made history, but that today leaves the step to its second generation: WatchMate Vision2.

In WatchMate Vision2 the CPU, some aesthetic finishes, the screen and the WiFi module have been revised. The Vision2 is now faster, more beautiful, with a brighter screen and can connect up to 8 devices via WiFi.

The design is globally similar to the previous model, but if you look at it laterally, you can see that the outline frame has changed color, from silver to black, to better meet the most modern design.

The WatchMate Vision2 incorporates Vesper Marine's smartAIS technology that significantly increases safety compared to other AIS. It connects via WiFi to countless navigation apps to equip it with AIS technology, also with the deckWatch app is integrated into smartwatch with Android Wear2 system.

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