Sergio Davi and Nordkapp awarded by CONI Sicilia

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On June 6, 2013, the Regional Committee of CONI Sicily awarded the Renzo Barbera Award to Sergio Davi for the enterprise of Nordkapp Rib Mission.

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The Nordkapp Rib Mission is the name of the raid led by Sergio Davi who took a rubber dinghy of only 8 meters from Palermo to Capo Nord, or up to the Arctic Circle. The mission started on 17/06/2012 and ended with the arrival at North Cape on 07/08/2012, has covered a total of 4,183 miles in 216 hours of navigation and has crossed 13 countries.

The BWA HP REEF 80 inflatable boat of the Nordkapp Rib Mission has been equipped with various electronic devices related to some brands exclusively represented by Marine Pan Service. In particular, the communications security aspect was entirely taken care of by the Cobra Marine and GME brands, while the audio aspect was taken care of by "Boss Marine".

In particular, Cobra Marine was present with the devices MR F80B EU, MR HH330 FLT EU and F300 BT EU. Sergio Davi expressed particular satisfaction with the use of these devices, commenting "We had no idea that Cobra Marine had reached such levels of technology and reliability. VHFs have distinguished themselves in any type of communication, even during the most adverse weather conditions and even when, due to the distance, it was unlikely to be able to reach other stations. Moreover, all the functions of the Cobra Marine VHF have been of real help in different phases of communication.

As for the GME brand, the dinghy was equipped with an EPIRB MT403FG and an MT410G PLB. For these Sergio Davi commented "We are happy to have never had the need to use these devices. However, the level of security offered by the rescue transmitters of GME, were a guarantee and a great comfort, especially in the areas where we were forced to sail in rough seas and know that in the worst case scenario we could count on an EPIRB and a PLB of the best brand, gave us confidence in continuing without delay.

Marine Pan Service is proud that some of its brands have taken part in some way in the Nordkapp Rib Mission, a mission designed with particular meticulousness and knowledge, but that would hardly have had such a positive outcome if it had not been driven by the deep passion for the sea that Sergio Davi always carries with him.