F80B Cobra Marine VHF Marine Fixed Rewind Say Again

MR F80B EU Cobra Marine

VHF Marine Fixed Cobra Marine F80B, Waterproof, Rewind Say Again, Channel ID, Local/Distance Mode.


The exclusive Rewind Say Again™ function, combined with an extensive set of features and prerogatives, makes this model a truly unique VHF.
The Rewind Say Again™ allows you to listen again to the last 20 seconds of the last radio message received at the touch of a button, this allows you to repeat and better decipher any unclear messages or messages for which you were not paying particular attention at that time.

The Channel ID function is original and allows you to view a brief description of the channel you are using. Innovative is the Local/Distance Mode for increased sensitivity or reduction of background noise. Complete set of DSC features with the possibility of Position Polling to transmit the position of your boat and display it on a Nautical GPS. The microphone with the most important controls is able to perform 90% of the functions.

Also suitable for use on boats where the DSC class "D" is required.


  • 020-2780

    Cobra Marine F80B EU, VHF/DSC, Black

    GTIN13: 0028377201110; Weight: 2.3 kg; Dimensions: 33.2 x 23.2 x 10 cm
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Type of productFixed
ConstructionIPx7 (Waterproof for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter)
ChannelsAll International Channels
Emerg.Channel 16 button - Dedicated Distress button for Channel 70 DSC
ScanOn All Channels
Dual WatchDual Watch (Channel 16 scan + one of your choice)
Rx indicatorOn 11 notches graduated bar
FrequenciesVHF marine frequencies
Power TxMax 25 W - Min 1 W
Audio Power4 W - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity0.30 µV 12dB Sinad
Reiez.Interm.70 dB
Alimentaz13.8 Vdc
Autonomy(depends on on-board batteries)
AbsorptionTx: 5.0 A, Rx: 500 mA, Standby: 100 mA
Dimensions57h x 138 x 180 mm
Weight (kg)1100 gr
More Carats.Rewind Say Again, DSC Class D with Postion Polling, Channel ID for a description of the channel in use, Local/Distance Mode for increased sensitivity or reduction of background noise, 90% of operations possible from the microphone


  • Bracket installation kit
  • Flush-mounted installation kit
  • Interface cable for GPS and external speaker
  • Microphone


Prices include VAT


Technologies introduced by Cobra Marine®

After years of relegating marine VHF to the same functionalities, Cobra Marine®'s entry into the market marked an epoch-making change in the development of new functionalities.
Some of these features have been imitated today, others are clearly more difficult to implement, in any case Cobra Marine® is proud that its ideas have been so approved by the market, to push competitors to pursue this new evolution totally born in the Chicago research team.

Microblue® Bluetooth

Allows you to control the functionality of your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection. This way you can store your mobile phone in a safe place and still continue to handle all calls (both incoming and outgoing) communicating loudly and clearly thanks to the technology of suppression of background noise.
Only present in the models: HH475, HH500 and F300BT.

Rewind Say Again™

You can listen back to the last 20 seconds of the last radio message received at the touch of a button. It also allows you to record your own message to be repeated in transmission.
Only present in the models: HH415, HH475, HH500 and F80B.

Roger Beep

It helps to mark the turn of the conversation, in fact when the transmission key is released, the listener receives an acoustic confirmation.
Present on all portable models.


Allows you to vibrate the VHF, if the sender presses the Call button.
Present on models: HH325, HH415, and HH475.

Call Tones

With the Call button you have the possibility to send a personalized ringtone, so that your friend can recognize you.
Present on models: HH325, HH330, HH350, HH415, HH475 and HH500.

Prerogatives common to all models

Signal Reception Bar

On all VHF models, the display shows a graduated bar that indicates the level of signal reception, just like on mobile phones where this bar comes in handy daily ...

Superior Reception

All VHF models reveal a truly amazing reception capacity, able to make a difference especially when you are at the limits of the VHF range.

Noise Cancelling

This technology has been particularly refined by Cobra Marine® and allows to effectively reduce some environmental noises, such as those caused by the engine running or by the wind, thus allowing a clear communication even in adverse conditions.

Rich equipment

The entire line is equipped with multiple accessories as standard to meet the most common needs, so as not to force the customer to buy additional accessories separately.

Careful and Elegant Design

The entire line has been carefully designed so that its design is pleasant, technical and can give a touch of elegance on your boat.


In order to guarantee its use even in the most adverse conditions, almost all models are "submersible" according to the IPx7 standard.

Long Autonomy ...

Thanks to its low absorption, the entire line of portable VHFs guarantees extended autonomy. In addition, many of the models have the possibility of alternately inserting the common alkaline batteries, thus prolugating the autonomy and providing greater safety in case of emergency.
The state of charge of the batteries can always be monitored on the display by means of a clear graduated scale.