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Free of charge an F300 BT EU with the purchase of any VHF for fixed use by Cobra Marine until 30/06/2014.

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Many users with the use of Cobra Marine's Microblue Bluetooth technology, have taken a more diligent way to use the phone on board, placing it in a safe place and using a marinized device to communicate.

However, also for security reasons, Microblue Bluetooth technology is not available on Cobra Marine fixed VHFs. Therefore, in order to further spread the use of Microblue Bluetooth technology on boats, Cobra Marine has decided to launch in Italy a promotion where a F300 BT EU is paid for the purchase of any marine VHF for fixed use by Cobra Marine.

The promotion starts today and expires on 30/06/2014.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "Despite its limitations, the mobile phone has assumed an important role in on-board communications and although the marine VHF remains the first reference for all communications related to safety, the mobile phone is certainly the reference for all other types of communication. Clearly Cobra Marine wants to be at the center of attention, at least for the most popular communication systems in the boat, this promotion, in fact, is also strategically focused in this sense.