Microblue Bluetooth

The Microblue is a patented technology of Cobra Marine that allows you to drive some features of a mobile phone via Bluetooth connection.

Microblue Bluetooth n.1
Microblue Bluetooth n.2

This technology is present on some portable VHF or on dedicated devices that are thus implemented the possibility of interfacing via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and thus manage incoming and outgoing calls through the device equipped with Microblue technology.

This allows you to keep your mobile phone in a safe place and handle all calls through a marine equipment with suppression of background noise that also allows you to speak more clearly in conditions of environmental noise as in the case of wind or engine running.

This technology meets the need to use the phone also in the boat, in fact, in most cases you do not have a mobile phone marinized and floating, with the often unpleasant consequence of damaging your phone. In fact, many people have seen their mobile phone fall into the water or splash salt making it unusable, while placing it in a safe place will better guard this precious device and we will have a greater chance of being able to call in unfavourable conditions.

Please note, however, that the mobile phone is not a device designed specifically for safety on board and can not be a substitute for the VHF radio. In any case, the mobile phone is widely used for private communications that, on the contrary, cannot be forwarded with the VHF.