WatherFlow company specializing in weather forecast services


WatherFlow is a U.S. company specializing in high precision and detailed weather forecasting services.


WatherFlow is a leading U.S. weather forecasting services provider with over 20 years of experience. Able to boast the most innovative technologies in terms of observation and forecasting models, to provide them to all those customers who operate in environments where weather factors are critical.

External teams, members of the company, work in 6 different states, with highly trained engineers and experts in forecasting models, data management and WEB development.

WeatherFlow has a special proprietary structure based on an observation network, through which it has developed an innovative product with high added value, able to meet the demand from many sectors: air pollution, emergency management, weather alerts, hurricane measurements, products for insurance and finance, maritime operations, wind energy, National Mesonet and others.

WeatherFlow is also an expert in weather applications for mobile devices and thanks to this experience she wanted to design the Wind Meter, or anemometer for smartphones and tablets. Although the Wind Meter is not apparently a complex project like others developed by WeatherFlow, it brings with it all the cultural baggage of this company so invested in the highest level of weather forecasting.