Sergio Davì and the Ocean RIB Experience

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Last Thursday in Palermo was celebrated the success of Ocean RIB, the mission of Sergio Davì who reached Brazil on a rubber dinghy.

Celebration of the success of the Ocean RIB Experience in Palermo

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Sergio Davì and his co-pilot Alessio Bellavista left on 29 April 2017 from Palermo and reached Brazil, landing in Recife on 17 June 2017.

The mission has surprised the whole nautical world, as it is clearly difficult to complete an Atlantic crossing on board a rubber dinghy of just 10 meters. The difficulties are not only related to the weather conditions that must face such a small dinghy, but also logistical ones such as loading enough fuel on board to cope with very long distances (up to 1258 miles).

The inflatable boat used by Sergio Davì was a Master 996, equipped with two Suzuki DF200AP petrol outboard engines.

Marine Pan Service electronic devices at Ocean RIB

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The Ocean RIB Experience has also hosted several of our devices. For us it was really a great opportunity to test our electronic equipment, even in very bad weather conditions.

The inflatable boat has been equipped with the following products of ours:

The Ocean RIB Experience has also been a success for us: despite the sometimes adverse conditions, no product has experienced any kind of malfunction.

Sergio Davì has a particular trust in the brands we represent. When it comes to security, Sergio does not hesitate to underline Cobra Marine and GME, as top brands in the field of navigation security devices. These are devices that he has used since his first missions and with which he has a special connection, even for a vicissitude occurred in the previous mission:
An EPIRB has the better of flames and fire

Sergio Davì is also passionate about music and navigation has been well accompanied by the audio devices of Boss Marine that Sergio finds excellent both for the qualities of reliability and audio quality.

For Exposure Light for Sergio this is the first time it has hosted these products. He found them really functional and with technical features not found in other competing headlights. A product really made to measure for those who navigate in any condition.