11 Vcam Nav-Station: GPS Navigator Nautical Cartography

11 VCam Nav-Station

Chartplotter, plans the navigation of the boat, fishfinder and radar through Black-Box, external GPS antenna.


When plotter means navigation station the right name is NAV-STATION 11". Able to bring on the dashboard of your boat a new world of functionality that coexist in a context of integration where ease of use is always the queen.

So that there are no limits in the number of information to bring to your eyes, the GPS chart navigator NAV-STATION 11" conforms to the need to connect to networks, thus highlighting the original telephone keypad, which not only simplifies the connection, but also helps in customizing their navigation data.

For the first time, the concept of a modular plotter is introduced, designed to grow with the customer's needs. It is no coincidence that we find as many as 4 communication ports so that there are no limits to the dialogue with external units.

The entrance for two cameras to monitor the transom while manoeuvring, or for a surveillance of the engine room or for any area you want to monitor, is highly appreciated.


  • 060-4420

    Nav-Station 11" Suncolor Vcam (external GPS)

    Weight: 4 kg; Dimensions: 43 x 39 x 11 cm
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ScreenTFT LCD 10,4" Color - 350 Cd/sqm
DefinitionVGA 640 x 480 Pixels
ConstructionIP54 (Splash-proof)
Cartography2 Slots for C-Card Max, Worldwide Background up to 2 mn scales
User Points1000
Routes50 - up to 52 Waypoints
GPSSmart External GPS Antenna with Integrated WAAS System
FishFinderAll FishFinder features via Black-Box
AISAll information via AIS receiver
Camera2 Camera Inputs
Interface3 NMEA/FishFinder ports
External MemoriesVia Optional User Card
Power supply10 - 35 Vdc - 15 W
Dimensions221h x 329 x 80 mm - Weight 1,6 Kg
More Carats.Goto Self-diagnostic, Log, anti-collision system Guardian
DepthWith Active Transducer Graph


  • External smart GPS antenna (cable 15 Meters)
  • 2 Power cables
  • Bracket and knobs
  • Protective cover


Prices include VAT