NAV-FISH 50-200 Nav-Station: blackBox fishfinder

NAV-FISH 50-200 Nav-Station

External module FishFinder Nav-Station NAV-FISH 50-200, power variable from 500 W RMS to 1000 W RMS on 50/200 KHz depending on the transducer connected.


Connected to one of the plotters of the Nav-Station series before 2018, it allows to bring all the fishfinder functions.
It operates on 50 and 200 Khz with a power variable from 500 W RMS to 1000 W RMS, depending on the transducer installed.

The STC filter is particularly advanced and can be adjusted to percentage values from 0 to 100. Even the particularly refined noise filter in its logarithm allows adjustments in percentage.


  • 061-2020

    Nav-Station BlackBox Fishfinder for M-Series

    Weight: 1 kg; Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 9 cm
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