Cartography on C-Card Max Wide C-MAP

C-Card Max Wide C-Map

C-Card for chartplotters with Max C-MAP technology, Wide Coverage of your choice, exclusive navigation functions.


C-Card for chartplotters compatible with Max. technology. Wide coverage area to be chosen by the customer.

Over the past 25 years, more than a million Internet users worldwide have relied on C-MAP electronic charts. C-MAP vector charts provide unparalleled navigation details and are compatible with chart plotters from leading brands. Unique navigation functions and value-added data make C-MAP solutions unparalleled.


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    C-Map Cartridge Max Wide C-Card

    Weight: 0.1 kg; Dimensions: 18 x 8.8 x 2.3 cm
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  • Dynamic NavAids - detailed and comprehensive information on navigation aid.
  • Guardian Alarm - this function scans the area below your boat for obstacles, identifying a potential hazard along the way.
  • Route-Check - an integration of the Guardian alarm function that increases safety by indicating any obstacles along the planned route.
  • Harbour Charts - docking at an unknown port is no problem if you have thousands of detailed maps, including slipways, regulated areas, on-site services and other valuable navigational information.
  • C-Marina Port database - includes detailed and exclusive information about ports more than any other navigation map available on the market. It indicates the timetables of the ports, the main contacts, the hotels and the nearest restaurants.
  • Dynamic Tides and Currents - predicts the time, level, direction and intensity of currents and tides in real time.
  • Photos and Diagrams - high-definition photos of marinas and ports. Display of significant navigation signals.
  • Depth and Land Elevation - not only will you have the usual depth information, but you will also see various colors that will help you to more easily distinguish the different depths and altitudes. You can easily see your favorite angles and locations along the bottom for fishing or landmarks that indicate your location along the coast.
  • Perspective View - an aerial view from the top of your navigation area.
  • POIs - and Road Mapping - the largest database of services that will allow you to find everything you need (hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, shops, etc.).
  • PC-Planner compatible - you can plan a route and save it on a user card for later use on your Chart Plotter.


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MAX by Jeppesen's features are an evolution of the award-winning CMap NT technology, which won the NMEA Award for Best Electronic Cartography for 6 consecutive years.
In addition to functions such as the Guardian Alarm, MAX offers a perspective view of the electronic map, dynamic tides and currents, 12-level elevation of the coast, 32-level bathymetric coloring, port info with details of port services, geo-referenced icons and port images.
In addition, MAX contains "ValueAdded Data", i.e. value-added data such as port photos and navigation aids, diagrams, diagrams and other special content.
Available in Local, Wide and Mega Wide sizes.