Nav-Station N9-Fish plotter, fishfinder and WiFi

N9-Fish Nav-Station

The Nav-Station N9-Fish uses a fishfinder with CHIRP technology and has been specially designed for the needs of fishing.


Nav-Station N9-Fish is a navigation instrument with fishfinder and features carefully designed to facilitate fishing trips.

The fishfinder is based on CHIRP technology that has been carefully refined for the best identification of fish and seabed. We can in fact have a good distinction of the various details on the high depths (up to 500 mt. with specific transducer) and have an even better discernment on shallower depths.

The plotter's functionality is also excellent for use on fishing trips. We can have constant readings even at the lowest speeds, where the GPS with its margin of error causes annoying overhangs.

Particular attention has also been given to the management of the tracks, which form a real database fully customizable. For example, for a certain track it is easy to change the color, convert it to a route, hide it or display it.

The Captain Cloud service is particularly useful to have a backup of all our stored data (routes, tracks, waypoints etc). It also makes it a particularly effective tool for post-analysis, i.e. the study of the routes taken, in order to better plan the next fishing trips.

With the Mirror Control app, we can place a second control station in the aft fishing area, where we can monitor the same screen as the N9-Fish on a smartphone or tablet. So you can monitor the information from this area and also have the opportunity to interact, perhaps simply to highlight an information on the fishfinder escaped the pilot. This prerogative also has benefits in stimulating the cohesion of the group during fishing.

N9-Fish is also an investment in time. In fact, through WiFi it can automatically update the software and thus have a tool always updated with the latest improvements or implementations.

Nav-Station N9-Fish interfaces with other instruments via WiFi, or via the traditional NMEA 2000 or 0183 cable.

The Nav-Station N9-Fish has a world-wide pre-loaded map, but to get to the details of the map you need to buy a special C-Map SD card cartridge, MAX or 4D MAX+ technology separately.

It is also available in a package version, including the 4D EM-D076.41 cartridge (all central-western Mediterranean) and the Airmar TM150M stern transducer with CHIRP technology. If you would like to install a through transducer, you will need to purchase the basic model and separately the transducer and the desired cartridge.


  • 060-4520

    Nav-Station N9-Fish - Without Transducer

    Weight: 2.3 kg; Dimensions: 35 x 22.5 x 12 cm
  • 060-4522

    Nav-Station N9-Fish Package 4D D076 + Stern Transducer

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  • Fishfinder with CHIRP technology.
  • Integrated WiFi.
  • Mirror Control function on App.
  • Data synchronization with Captain Cloud.
  • Automatic software update from WiFi connection.
  • Hybrid interface (keys and touch screen).
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS.
  • NMEA 2000 and 0183
  • Functions and alarms for motor control (if interfaced).
  • All AIS features (if interfaced with receiver).
  • Cartography C-Map Max or 4D MAX+
  • MicroSD memory slot.
  • Waterproof IPx6
  • Can be mounted on a bracket or bulkhead.
  • Anti-glare and ultra-bright display, 1100 nits, 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Dimensions 278 x 154 x 97 mm.


  • White protective cover.
  • Bracket.
  • Jigsaw for flush-mounted installation.
  • Power supply cable/interface.
  • Fuse.


Prices include VAT