Bronze Feed-through Transducer BM150 CHIRP for Nav-Station N Series

BM150 Airmar

Airmar BM150 bronze feed-through transducer for Nav-Station M series. Power 300W, frequency 95-155 KHz.


Airmar BM150 bronze through-transducer with CHIRP technology, power 300W, frequency from 95 to 155 KHz, transmission angle from 17° to 26°.

Suitable for the Nav-Stations of the N series of Fish models and the Blackbox CHIRP, where it can operate on seabeds up to a maximum of about 250 meters.

Suitable for fiberglass, wood or metal hulls.


  • 061-3210

    N Series Through Transducer - 300W, 95-155KHz

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