The work torches for the boat of Exposure Lights

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We present a series of torches, designed specifically for the marine environment and facilitate all our needs in night use of the boat.

Exposure Lights and ONV Technology

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With the following News we have introduced the brand Exposure Lights:
Exposure Lights the light of security

Then with the following News we presented the very special Exposure MOB:
Exposure MOB the Lighthouse with MOBT Technology

Today it is the turn of the remaining marine series of the Exposure Lights and some lights that have the prerogative of living better in the night environment.

Our eyesight has the gift of being able to adapt even in dim light conditions and although in such conditions our overall perception diminishes, it remains the most important reference, through which we make our most decisive decisions. It is therefore essential to use lights designed specifically not to overwhelm the important natural adaptation of our eyesight.

The X2 and XS-R lights, which we are going to comment on in the following paragraphs, are equipped with the exclusive ONV (Optimised Night Vision) technology, which has been designed precisely to avoid disturbing our natural adaptation.

Exposure X2 a single product for multiple functions

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The X2 torch with ONV technology comes from an in-depth and careful study of what are the needs of use in the boat, to be a single product with multiple features.

With its powerful beam of 573 lumens you can use it as a research light, or with the white diffusion lens, as a general lighting source, but the X2 excels when we use it as a work light thanks to the ONV technology.

The best sailors have greatly appreciated this technology, which can clearly illuminate our work area and at the same time not dazzle our sight and that of others.

The X2 is controlled by two buttons, each equipped with its own LED to facilitate the tracking of the lamp in the dark, indicate the operating mode and the state of charge of the internal battery.

One button is used to control the ONV functionality, the other to select 3 levels of white light brightness, operate the SOS or strobe.

The X2 is very light (118 gr), floating and waterproof (IPx8) to a depth of 5 mt. It can be easily recharged from any USB port or from 220 V. with the supplied power supply with USB output.

The Micro Flashlights XS Series

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The micro torches series XS, are so small and light (33 gr.) that you will not notice that you have them in your pocket or around your neck, and yet they are there, ready to be used when you actually need them.

They boast the best construction techniques to be an almost indestructible object: they resist a fall from 5 mt. height and can be submerged up to 50 mt. depth.

Every detail has been carefully designed, such as the silicone band in the back, specially designed for better grip on the teeth and thus allow you to operate completely hands free. If, on the other hand, we prefer to keep it on our head, just buy the headband separately.

With a battery life of 60 hours (in low light) the change of the battery becomes really a sporadic event.

These micro torches are available in 3 versions:

  • The XS with white light and lens supplied in red color to simulate the ONV function.
  • The XS-R with red light and ONV technology.
  • The XS-Pack is a complete kit of 3 XS series lights and a significant number of accessories to extend the range of use of Exposure Light technology on a boat. The KIT can be used to have fixed lighting points, to have a backup cover of the lights of the boat or tender.