Exposure Lights the light of security

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Exposure Lights is an English brand specialized in the production of lighthouses able to implement the level of safety on our boat.

Presentation programme

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Let's premise that the prerogatives relating to the products of Exposure Lights are so numerous and particular that we decided to divide the presentation of this new brand into 3 separate News.

The intent of this first of our News is to begin to focus on the target market of Exposure Lights products and some safety related concepts on which these products relate.

Exposure Lights and the Anglo-Saxon "Safety First" concept

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When we are at sea in critical situations, we almost always realize that we do not have the "right tools" to best cope with the event. Safety concepts are mainly anchored in prevention, but it is often only from these situations that the conscience pushes us to better understand the meaning of safety and the Anglo-Saxon concept "Safety First".

Safety is often seen as an impediment or even a bureaucracy, but safety is only an added value that allows us to be more serene and better appreciate our activities at sea.

Marine Pan Service, has always tried to stimulate users towards a better perception of the concept of "safety" and "prevention", also trying to propose the best products aimed at this area. We believe that we have an important role in stimulating users so that they are effectively prepared for any critical situations, proposing the "right tools".

Today we are proud to announce a range of products designed to improve the level of safety, not only for professional activities, but also for all common nautical activities.

The Exposure Lights are entirely designed and manufactured in England, to give light to products to high standards, so that they can meet all these needs and increase our level of safety in night situations.

If you're interested in learning more, all you have to do is wait for our next News where we'll start explaining the prerogatives of these products, starting with the MOB Exposure Lighthouse.


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Exposure Lights products are represented in Italy by Marine Pan Service and although they are already available in our warehouses, we will only launch commercially as we present the various products.
Exposure Lights products will soon be available from the best retailers.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, Administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "We are proud to represent in Italy the brand Exposure Lights, a company with an incredible attention to detail and that marries our way of conceiving safety. When situations become critical on the boat, it is not possible to tolerate further uncertainties arising from instruments that do not operate in a relevant manner. A portable beacon on board is essential, but it must also be specially designed according to this ethic and Exposure Lights is the brand that ensures a more thorough study and attentive to these needs.