Exposure MOB Lighthouse with MOBT Technology

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Exposure MOB with MOBT technology is a portable headlamp with several original features, specifically designed to improve the level of security.

Exposure MOB: More Security on Board

Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.1
Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.2

With the following News we have presented the brand Exposure Lights and announced the next presentation of its products:
Exposure Lights the light of security

Today we introduce the first product that, for its originality and uniqueness, needs a separate presentation.

Exposure MOB is a truly unique product and one that all serious yachtsmen should focus on. Having an Exposure MOB in the boat could really make the difference between a situation of total uncertainty and survival.

Even if we are cautious and our trips do not anticipate the use of the boat at night, we are convinced that having an Exposure MOB on the boat is in any case an added value.

If, on the other hand, we are sailors, professional users or search and rescue workers, Exposure MOB becomes a unique and truly indispensable tool.

MOBT Man OverBoard Technology

Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.3
Contatti placcati oro
Gold plated contacts

Exposure Lights' MOBT (Man Over Board Technology) uses a motion sensor and two gold-plated contacts to detect the presence of water, then a sophisticated algorithm interprets the two sensors to unambiguously detect whether it is a matter of man overboard.

This sophisticated mechanism ensures that the strobe is automatically activated on contact with water, an essential prerogative in emergency situations where manual intervention is sometimes not possible or can delay the operation by a few important seconds.

In addition, the collaboration of the two sensors avoids the possibility that the strobe triggers accidentally and at the same time saves on battery consumption, as the mechanism only starts operating when the motion sensor is activated.

The unfulfilled prerogatives of Exposure MOB

Chi sarà individuato prima ?
Who will be identified first?
Corina Halloran Team SCA Volvo Ocean Race
Corina Halloran Team SCA Volvo Ocean Race
Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.7
Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.8
Exposure MOB il Faro con Tecnologia MOBT n.9
Confezione riutilizzabile
Reusable packaging

Exposure MOB offers 3 different types of intervention towards man at sea:

  1. If the unfortunate person has the MOB lighthouse and is in a state of consciousness, he can point the 1300 lumens directly at the boat, otherwise the strobe will automatically signal his presence.
  2. If the man at sea does not have the torch, the crew on board can throw it directly at him, without the need to light it and thus saving very important seconds.
  3. When we are not able to trace the man at sea, the torch helps us with its 1300 lumens, released at an angle of 20°, able to make the area clearly visible on a radius of 177 mt. and able to promptly capture any reflective details, such as the lifejacket or clothes.

The MOB Exposure Lighthouse has the following construction techniques:

  1. It is designed and built entirely in the UK to ensure the best construction standards.
  2. The anodized aluminium body has been specially designed to better dissipate heat over its entire surface, also through the fins placed at the height of the LEDs, allowing it to operate at maximum light intensity.
  3. The structure has been specially designed to be particularly sturdy and at the same time very light (the lighthouse weighs only 116 gr) so as to allow it to float well on the water.
  4. The rear profile is designed with curved ends and holes to protect the contacts and to better drain any residual water, so as to avoid false self-priming when stored in a wet pocket.
  5. The aluminium body is made of high visibility orange, to be in line with other rescue devices and to be detected first in low light conditions. The line connected to the sheath is made of Dyneema® with high reflectivity and float power, to further help in tracking.
  6. Although it is not a lighthouse intended for underwater use, it is built according to the IPx8 standard and is waterproof to a depth of 5 metres.
  7. Despite its luminous intensity, the strobe light has an autonomy of 40 hours (if it is fully charged).
  8. Two sheaths supplied with transparent velcro fastening, so that it can be well illuminated even when the headlight is inserted in this case.

The MOB Exposure Lighthouse offers the following operating privileges:

  1. The button on the back has an LED that changes colour (from green to orange to red) to indicate the actual state of charge of the battery.
  2. A plaque on the headlamp recalls the expected hours of autonomy depending on the colour of the LED.
  3. The LED on the back also helps to trace the torch in the dark, flashing for 12 hours from the last use.
  4. The button allows access to three different light intensity levels, as well as manual strobe setting.
  5. It has two different programs of use. The standard one requires a first press on the button to confirm, with the second program instead the functions are set the first time you click.
  6. The operation of the LEDs only are guaranteed for life (the rest 2 years). The circuit has a very advanced thermal control, able to self-adjust the light intensity with precision, in the event that the LEDs reach too high temperatures.
  7. It can be easily recharged from any USB socket with a cable with a magnetic connection to the headlight, thus eliminating the classic plugs to be inserted that could cause oxidation or pin breakage.

The MOB Exposure Lighthouse is environmentally friendly:

  1. The careful packaging is reusable as a practical case to store the headlight or other material.
  2. Internal rechargeable batteries avoid battery replacement, eliminating the need to dispose of batteries.


The Exposure MOB has received many awards from the best international sailors and has been awarded the Dame Award winning first place in the category of safety of life of man at sea.