LED Exposure Lights Micro Torch Kit

XS-PACK Exposure Lights

The Exposure XS-Pack is a very practical kit of micro torches and accessories to meet different lighting needs on board a boat.


The Exposure XS-Pack is a complete KIT specifically designed to extend the range of use of Exposure Light technology over a vessel.

The kit includes 3 XS micro lights, 3 silicone lenses in the shape of a cap, 3 tubular supports, 3 rechargeable batteries, a charger and 3 neck straps. In this way we will have a set of mini-torces XS for more people of the crew and above all we will be able to constitute fixed points of illumination along the pulpit or the battalion.

The 3 lights, one XS, one XS-R and one XS-G, can optionally wear one of the 3 silicone lenses supplied: one in red, one in white and the other in green. So we can freely customize our night lighting or if we wish, offer backup support to the street lights or position of the boat or tender.

The tubular supports are suitable for tubes with a diameter from 18 to 35 mm. and are very quick to install thanks to an elastic hook and the high grip rubber, so in a few seconds we can have fixed lighting points even with ONV technology.


  • 038-0320

    Exposure XS-PACK - 1 XS, 1 XS-R, 1 XS-G +Accessories

    GTIN13: 5060276418553; Weight: 0.5 kg; Dimensions: 20 x 29 x 10.5 cm
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  • Three XS micro torches: one XS, one XS-R and one XS-G.
  • Three silicone lenses: one white, one red and one green.
  • Three supports for tubes with diameter from 18 to 35 mm.
  • Three rechargeable batteries and battery charger.
  • Three Dyneema® neck cords with other reflective power.


Prices include VAT