The new horizons of GME's new MT603 series

i nuovi orizzonti della nuova serie mt603 di gme news 1

The old MT403G and MT403FG models are now being consigned to the history of EPIRB technology and replaced by the new MT603G and MT603FG.

The new MT603G and MT603FG

I nuovi orizzonti della nuova serie MT603 di GME n.1
I nuovi orizzonti della nuova serie MT603 di GME n.2
I nuovi orizzonti della nuova serie MT603 di GME n.3

The MT403G and MT403FG, with their prerogatives, have marked an era becoming the models that best contributed to the spread of EPIRB technology. Today, these models are consigned to history and replaced by the new EPIRB MT603G and MT603FG.

Although the new models are aesthetically similar to the previous ones, internally all the components have been revised and updated, in order to further refine some important aspects, such as the immediacy in launching the distress or the autonomy in the transmission phase.

The new MT603G and MT603FG are already equipped to receive the signal from the new constellation of MEOSAR satellites, making the location of the shipwreck more precise, faster, easier and less equivocal. As soon as they receive the signal, the rescue coordinators (COSPAS-SARSAT) are already able to locate the position of the EPIRB precisely, even before they have decoded the message transmitted in the distress signal.

Both are equipped with an efficient 66 channel GPS receiver and boast all the features that have always distinguished the EPIRB GME, such as instantaneous heating to enter immediately into operating mode and the efficient water-switches that can immediately activate the EPIRB in case of contact with water (but only if the EPIRB is released from its holder).

They have a battery life and a warranty of 6 years, but it should be remembered that in Italy the replacement of the EPIRB or batteries, is required every 4 years. Therefore, for use in Italy, this prerogative is reduced in its benefit, but certainly the sense of trust that GME has towards its production remains unscathed.

The two models differ in their activation mode. The MT603G is activated only by manually extracting it from its support, while the MT403FG is activated automatically in the event of sinking, automatically extracting itself from its support by means of a hydrostatic hook.

Commercial Details

The new MT603G and MT603FG are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

The old MT403G and MT403FG are already considered out of production.

The MT403 and MT403FF models, which represent the most economical options, i.e. models not equipped with GPS, remain in production.

As for the Buy Back GME 2018 Campaign still in progress, where MT403G is reported you will have to refer to the MT603G, same thing where MT403FG is specified, will mean the MT603FG. In fact the cost of the new ones is similar to the old ones and therefore there will be no difference even on the prices of the Buy Back campaign.

Finally, we would like to point out that the GME Programming Stations will have to purchase new hardware and install new software in order to program the EPIRBs of the new MT603 series. The new programming package will also be backwards compatible with previous models.