MT403G GME: Manual EPIRB with GPS


EPIRB MT403G with GPS with manual activation or immersion through the sea switch. Warranty and battery life 6 years.


GME's MT403G is a manually activated EPIRB with GPS that ensures greater accuracy in locating the position of the shipwrecker, which in some cases could be decisive, especially at night or in very rough sea conditions.

The EPIRB BT403G is a manual type (category 2) and thanks to the equipment of the water switches, once released from its support, can be activated immediately by immersing it in water.

A high intensity strobe allows the shipwreck to be easily tracked even at night.


  • 024-1110

    GME MT403G EPIRB GPS Cat 2, Sea S.

    GTIN13: 9319493153782; Weight: 1 kg; Dimensions: 26 x 10.5 x 9 cm
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  • Warranty 6 years (*)
  • Battery life 6 years (*)
  • Manual or immersion activation Cat. 2
  • 66 channel GPS
  • Instant heating by digital technology
  • Transmission at 406 Mhz and 121 Mhz
  • Highly reliable solid-state strobe
  • Easy and immediate test procedure
  • Dimensions: 260h x 102 x 83 mm
  • Compact, robust, lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • COSPAS-SARSAT C/S T.001 certified for international operation.

* in Italy the replacement of the EPIRB or batteries is requested every 4 years


Type of productEPIRB
ActivationCat.2 - Manual or Immersion (only if unhooked from the support)
ConstructionRobust, UV-protected chassis
Frequency406 MHz and 121.5 MHz
ConfomitanceCOSPAS-SARSAT certified and internationally approved (C/S T.001/007)
StrobeHighly reliable solid state, 20 flashes per minute with an intensity greater than 0.75 cd
HeatingInstantaneous, thanks to frequency generation via digital technology
Tx Repeat50 seconds
Duration TxMinimum 48 hours
ProgrammingVia Programmer with PC connection via USB
ProtocolSerial Number, MMSI and Call Sign
Self TestInternal diagnostics and UHF testers for professional applications
BatteryAt LISO2 (2 2D cells), expiration date indicated on EPIRB (6 years), supported by authorised station
Hydrost. hookN/A
SagolaFloat of 5,5 mt.
Dimensions260h x 102 x 83 mm
Weight (kg)550 gr. for the EPIRB and 98 gr. for the bracket
More Carats.GPS 66 channels and patented high performance microprocessor


  • Quick disconnect mounting bracket and screws
  • Detention bar (5,5 mt)


Prices include VAT


In 2004, GME was the first to introduce digital control into EPIRB technology, resulting in greater reliability, autonomy and performance. Today, the most attentive competitors have also achieved this technology, but GME now has an 8-year track record through which the technology has been carefully refined.


Australia is the largest user base for this technology, as EPIRB is mandatory for even the smallest vessels. GME, besides being the undisputed leader in EPIRB sales, has been able to experiment its technology in its territory for a long time, where the greatest rigour and standard for the safety of man's life at sea is imposed.