GME Buy Back Campaign 2021

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GME and Marine Pan Service renew for 2021 the GME Buy Back Campaign, for the replacement of used EPIRBs of any brand or model.

GME Buy Back Campaign 2021, who is it for?

GME Campagna Buy Back 2021 n.1

After 4 years since theEPIRB has been put into service, the Italian regulation requires the replacement of theEPIRB or the battery, even if the expiration date of the battery printed on the device is later.

For further information please refer to the SBM procedure in our glossary, where in the second paragraph the reasons why replacement of theEPIRB, instead of just the battery, would be recommended are explained.

This is the ninth consecutive year that the GME Buy Back Campaign has been revalidated, which testifies the success of this operation and the strong appreciation of the users towards this initiative.

The GME campaign is valid for any make or model of EPIRB to be scrapped. The value of the used vehicle is assessed irrespective of the brand or type of used vehicle returned and is only dependent on the GME model purchased.

There is no change in conditions this year from the previous 2020 Buy Back campaign.

GME 2021 Buy Back Campaign Conditions

Buy Back CodeProduct DescriptionRetail Price
512-1110MT603G Epirb GPS Cat 2, Sea SwitchEuro 420.90
512-1120MT603FG Epirb GPS Cat 1, Autom.Euro 614,88

  • Prices are VAT included.
  • GME campaign is valid for any brand or model of EPIRB to be scrapped.
  • The cost of the new EPIRB in Buy Back is independent from the brand or type of the returned EPIRB and is only bound to the purchased GME model.
  • It is strictly necessary to include a copy of the Planning Report of the old EPIRB with the request.
  • This campaign expires on 31/12/2021.
  • It is available at the best nautical dealers.


If you replace a model "without" GPS to the new models "with", in this step theEPIRB programming UIN hex code will be different and the name of the model you will keep on the boat will also change.
This implies that you will have to carry out the following two procedures:

  • Cancellation of the previous registration at COSPAS-SARSAT and issue a new registration for the new model with the different UIN.
  • Modification of the RTF License by integrating the name of the new model among the on-board radio-electrical equipment.

We would also like to point out that today all GME EPIRB models are provided with a certificate of the first SBM performed in the GME
production centre. This serves not only to facilitate the carrying out of certain practices (especially on professional boats), but also to have an additional certainty that the full power test has already been carried out on theEPIRB you will purchase.