RTF License

The RTF license is required to enable the vessel as a radiotelephone station, specifically for marine or EPIRB VHF installed on board.

The RTF License is required to install a marine VHF on board (or other transmitting equipment) and is obtained by simple application to the Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Economic Development - Communications.

The application must be accompanied by two stamps of 16.00 Euro, the declaration of conformity of the marine VHF and a photocopy of a valid identity document.

Together with the RTF License, the International Name will also be issued, which will identify that radiotelephone station worldwide.

The mere possession of the RTF License does not authorize the use of the marine VHF for public correspondence traffic. Furthermore, the VHF can only be used by those who are in possession of the RTF Certificate.

The RTF licence has a maximum expiry date of 10 years (DL 259/2003 Art. 112) and must be requested again in case of replacement of the marine VHF on board.