New range of EPIRBs for GME

nuova gamma di epirb per gme news 1

GME anticipates the release of the new range of EPIRB to meet the production of current models with GPS.

The new series and the end production of current models with GPS

Nuova gamma di EPIRB per GME n.1

We are close to the presentation of a new range of EPIRB GMEs that may already be on the market in November 2017. GME is in fact trying to anticipate the release of some models, since the EPIRB with GPS (MT403G and MT403FG) of the current series, have reached the end of the production cycle due to the unavailability of some components, which, by virtue of the stringent standards adopted by GME, can not be replaced.

Therefore the models MT403G and MT403FG are considered out of production and no longer available, they will be replaced by the equivalents of GME's new MT603 series.

There is intense interest in the new MT603 series, but at the moment we can't anticipate anything, as we are in the delicate stages of homologation and some specifications may even be changed.

We remind you that the MT403 and MT403FF (the models without GPS) are the only GME EPIRB currently available. Fortunately, they are still the most popular models today, as users benefit from a cheaper model, while preserving the security offered by the COSPAS-SARSAT tracking system.