Airmar 31-658-2-02 B744V Bronze Feed-through Transducer Grinder

31-658-2-02 B744V Airmar

Bronze Airmar 31-658-2-02 B744V, power 500 W, Frequency 50/200 kHz, Complete with hydrodynamic support for installation.


Bronze Transducer Crusher 500W (detects depth, speed and temperature) for hull passage installation, particularly suitable for wooden and metal keels. With both frequencies (50/200 kHz) it provides well-defined and detailed information in both shallows and shallows. Compatible with black-boxes or combined Nav-Station and Seiwa plotters.

Supplied complete with hydrodynamic cleat for installation and equipped with 10 meter long cable.


  • 061-2082

    Tritrasd. B744V Bronze Feed-through 500W - M Series

    GTIN13: 0028377312441; Weight: 4 kg; Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 8.5 cm
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