Exposure OLAS CORE MOB control unit for man overboard signaling

OLAS CORE Exposure Lights

The CORE of Exposure is a control unit that makes the MOB OLAS system even more reliable being totally dedicated to this functionality.


The simplicity of the OLAS system has made it a success: simply purchase a transmitter (the bracelet or the OLAS Float-On) and with any portable device, to have a complete MOB system that can be monitored on the free app.

However, it is undeniable that the maximum reliability is achieved through the use of a dedicated control unit, always connected to the power supply and which may optionally assist with the smartphone to detect the alarm. In fact, a smartphone or tablet can also be accidentally unloaded, while the CORE control unit is dedicated to this functionality and is always connected to the power supply.

With the OLAS CORE we can connect up to 15 receivers (the OLAS TAG or the OLAS Float-On) and is recommended for boats up to 50 feet, or up to 80 feet by purchasing the OLAS EXTENDER.

The CORE is equipped with a siren and a high intensity red light, in case of falling overboard both are activated to signal the eventuality.

All settings are made with the free OLAS app and the CORE does not necessarily require installation, simply connect the power supply via USB connector.


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    Exposure OLAS CORE - MOB control unit

    GTIN13: 5060369154528; Weight: 0.3 kg; Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.5 x 5 cm
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  • MOB control unit for integration into the OLAS system for the detection of man overboard (MOB).
  • 85 dB internal siren.
  • High intensity red light to signal the alarm.
  • All the functions can be controlled by the free OLAS app, for iOS or Android.
  • It is powered by common USB connector.
  • Suitable for boats up to 50 feet or 80 feet with OLAS EXTENDER.
  • Not necessarily requiring installation, it can be transferred to another vessel.
  • Dimensions 92 x 90x 38, weight 110 gr.


Control unit with 1 m USB cable.