Nav-Station N12: "Mirror Control" and "Captain Cloud" apps

N12 Nav-Station

Nav-Sation N12, thanks to its built-in WiFi module, offers innovative functions such as the "Mirror Control" app and the "Captain Cloud" service.


Nav-Station N12 is a chartplotter that can meet the most demanding needs of navigation, particularly easy to use and equipped with WiFi for easy integration.

The screen allows you to see from all angles and effectively counteracts the glare of the sun. In addition, the colour shade (palette) can also be adjusted to facilitate night-time use without being dazzled.

The interface is hybrid, i.e. we can manage all the functions both with the help of traditional keys and via touch screen. In addition, we can also manage all the features on an iOS or Android device, thanks to the Mirror Control app that can transfer the same screen on the plotter and can operate it via the touch screen of the remote device (smartphone, tablet or smart TV, but only one device at a time).

We can synchronize our navigation data (routes, tracks, waypoints etc.) with the Captain Cloud service (, so we can plan our routes at home and use them in navigation. But not only that, if for any reason we were to lose our data saved on the plotter, we can retrieve them on Captain Cloud.

Through WiFi you can update the software automatically and thus have a tool always updated with the latest improvements or implementations, ... a real investment over time!

The Nav-Station N12 can be interfaced with other navigation instruments, via WiFi or by cable with the traditional NMEA 2000 or 0183. Moreover, if you want to integrate fishfinder functions later on, you can purchase the Blackbox CHIRP separately.

The Nav-Station N12 operates with C-Map cartography and has a pre-loaded global map with vector, raster or satellite visualization, in 2D or 3D. However, in order to go into the details of the map and view ports, docks and related services, you will need to purchase separately a special C-Map SD card, MAX or 4D MAX+ technology.

It is also available in a package version, including the 4D EM-D076.41 cartridge, which includes the entire central-western Mediterranean.


  • 060-4550

    Nav-Station N12

    Weight: 4 kg; Dimensions: 43 x 34.5 x 14 cm



  • 060-4552

    Nav-Station N12 Package with 4D D076




Public prices including VAT - Dealer prices excluding VAT


  • Integrated WiFi.
  • Mirror Control function on App.
  • Data synchronization with Captain Cloud.
  • Automatic software update from WiFi connection.
  • Hybrid interface (keys and touch screen).
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS.
  • NMEA 2000 and 0183
  • Functions and alarms for motor control (if interfaced).
  • All AIS features (if interfaced with receiver).
  • Cartography C-Map Max or 4D MAX+
  • Waterproof IPx6
  • Can be mounted on a bracket or bulkhead.
  • Anti-glare and ultra-bright display, 1250 nits, 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Dimensions 391 x 258 x 150 mm.


  • White protective cover.
  • Bracket.
  • Jigsaw for flush-mounted installation.
  • Power supply cable/interface.
  • Fuse.


Public prices including VAT - Dealer prices excluding VAT