SCOUT Excellence Made in Italy

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SCOUT presents a renewed series of antennas with high technological content, reliability, attention to detail and an unmistakable style made in Italy.

SCOUT and 100% waterproof innovation

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SCOUT is an Italian brand on the market since the early 80's, always synonymous with professionalism in the field of maritime and land communications, a reference point for operators in the field thanks to a full range of antennas VHF, CB, AIS, AM-FM, GPS, which boast a record of excellence for the quality of materials, design and construction technology.

In 2012 the tradition is always renewed in the sign of made in Italy, and SCOUT offers a new range of products with 100% waterproof technology, antennas totally waterproofed thanks to the use of a special closed-cell resin that is injected under pressure into the conical stylus of the antenna. This device forms a waterproof layer that, in addition to ensuring total waterproofing, gives the antenna a 30% higher resistance than any other marine antenna on the market.

This new technology marks a step forward in the maritime communication system, increasing the possibility of optimal communication with the mainland even in the most adverse weather conditions and the security that the antenna will not be damaged by salt, ice, rain and seawater.

New Black Edition and Blue Line: why style counts

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SCOUT reinterprets the classic concept of nautical antenna to create a series of items specifically dedicated to the most modern boats, and to those who want to always stand out, even in detail, without sacrificing the quality of construction SCOUT.

This is the premise behind the special edition of Black Edition antennas, in glossy black. These antennas are the ideal complement for boats in black, grey or with metal or aluminium finishes. All built with 100% waterproof technology.

In addition, the new series of Blue Line antennas is proposed, in a shiny navy blue colour, which harmoniously reflects the hull tones and the colour of the sea. A unique article.

All Black Edition and Blue Line antennas are equipped with RG58 CU MIL 5m coaxial cable.

Marine Pan Service catalogs only some models of these new series, the other models are available on request. For a consultation of the available models, please refer to the website of Scout Telecomunicazioni, whose link is at the bottom of this page.

SCOUT News 2013

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SCOUT presented at METS 2012 a preview of its new products for the 2013 season, in particular 2 new products, the NAV-6 and the KS-100, which are certainly not lacking in originality.

The KS-100 is a 25cm long FM antenna with vinyl stylus and UV resistant. The antenna has an original flexibility and the possibility to remove the stylus from the base, in order to avoid problems during storage and transport of the boat.

The base of the KS-100 has been designed to allow a quick and water-proof installation, thanks to an internal waterproof gasket.

The KS-100 antenna is supplied with 4 m AM-FM cable and connection jack.

The Scout Nav-6 is a high-sensitivity antenna capable of working with both GPS and Glonass receivers and equipped with its own TNC input for the optional external antenna.

The installation of the NAV-6 is recommended when the GPS receiver is installed indoors and therefore cannot receive its position via the integrated GPS antenna.

The NAV-6 antenna is supplied with the base, the mounting set and a 10 m coaxial cable with TNC connector.