FM-AM antenna

To receive FM or AM radio stations, a small antenna must be installed.

Antenna FM-AM n.1

In a vessel, the FM/AM antenna can be installed in different ways, the most commonly used being the FM/AM antenna:

  • Use an FM/AM antenna with free wire output that will slide up and down the bulkhead. It is the simplest, but the reception level is not optimal
  • An FM/AM antenna with free wires is always used, but the central dipole of the coaxial cable is inserted on the internal screws of the handrail or of the pulpit (or of the rollbar if it is made of steel).
  • A rod antenna is used to be installed on the roll bar or on the highest deck. This can be small in size or longer and with high gain, but the difference in performance between the two models is not particularly noticeable.

The last 2 solutions are the optimal ones and the choice of one or the other depends on the presence or not of a metal mass (hold, pulpit, etc.) near the stereo.