Marine Stereo

The marine stereo is an audio player designed and built specifically to counteract the action of marine agents.

The pitfalls of a marine stereo

Stereo Marino n.1

The marine stereo is designed with the appropriate marinizing techniques and provides to counteract the effects of marine agents such as salt, humidity and high sun exposure.

Car stereos, although often similar in size and appearance, do not provide these production techniques and would therefore have a very short life on board a boat.

Not everyone knows that the most dangerous trap is humidity (sometimes more than salt), especially if the stereo is left inside the boat even in winter. In fact, the humidity concentration in a boat (except in summer) is almost always high and constant, so that the internal components are subject to continuous aggression of this element.
Appropriate marinizing can also prevent the effects of prolonged exposure to moisture.

While the degree of UV protection plays an important role in preserving the original aesthetics. In fact, poor coatings could change the original color in a few days of sunshine and deteriorate the quality of the body itself.


Important Note: Water protection

A marine stereo, although equipped with marinizing technologies, does not normally provide waterproofing according to the IP standard.
In fact, it is often equipped with devices, such as the CD/DVD player, which make a total waterproofing non-functional.
For this reason, the sterea must be installed inside a special protective front and care must be taken to avoid contact with water when washing the boat.

Removing the marine stereo

Today, virtually all marine stereos are equipped with an ISO connector, which consists of a single connector for all wiring.

Or there are protection fronts that wrap around the entire device, which in addition to providing greater protection, make it easy to extract.

So even if you have a marine stereo with the best marinizing, given the ease in many cases to extract it, it will be diligent to take it home at least for the winter period.