Scout and Marine Pan Service together for new projects

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A new collaboration plan between Scout and Marine Pan Service is born with the aim of stimulating some specific market segments.

Scout an internationally recognized success

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Since 1983, the Italian Scout has been a family-run workshop for the production of high quality marine antennas, but until recently, without a marketing department able to spread a name behind this illustrious Italian production.

But in recent years, with the entry into the company of the new generation, Scout finally takes on the image of a brand and spreads its name in all international markets. The impact has been facilitated by the massive presence on the market of antennas made in China that while bringing a reduction in costs, have left the market without an elite product that is much sought after for a product category aimed at impressing security in on-board communications.

The market has thus recognized in Scout all those features that are required of an elite product: Italian craftsmanship, careful attention to all construction details, a maniacal calibration of the active elements and a cosmetic finish that reflects the tradition of Made in Italy. In short, a set of details that are immediately made clear even in a quick comparison with any competing antenna.

Scout strengthens partnership with Marine Pan Service

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In its rise to international markets, Scout does not intend to neglect Italy and strengthens its partnership with Marine Pan Service by designing a plan for certain specific distribution segments.

Marine Pan Service will take care of giving a greater presence of Scout antennas at the ranks of installers and online retailers in Italy.

Users can therefore find at the installers, in addition to a greater availability of Scout antennas, also better information on the prerogatives of the products to be better advised and addressed. We remind you that the installation of an antenna is never a trivial procedure and if it is not done correctly it can negatively affect the range of the device. For these reasons, we recommend that users do not save on installation costs, but contact an experienced installer if possible.

The other part of the project, the one aimed at online retailers, is not only aimed at increasing the presence of Scout products online, but especially at improving the exposure of the product, so that users can better compare the characteristics and provide for a purchase after a more careful choice.

Installers and separately online retailers will soon receive a communication from us explaining the details of their respective projects.

Scout News 2017


Scout confirms its active presence in 2017 by introducing a set of particularly original innovations, some of which are aimed at the growing demand for broadband connectivity that inevitably also affects the marine sector.

The Sea-Connect multiband is an excellent starting point to capture and amplify even the weakest signals of mobile telephony (3G, 4G etc) or WiFi, and then send them to a modem / router of the boat and benefit the entire crew of a greatly improved connection.

While the Sea-Hub is the system created to spread the digital signal via WiFi to the entire crew. So, for example, we could install the Scout KS-60 2-0, which will intercept even weak WiFi signals from the marina's services, and the Sea-Hub will make them available on the boat.

Another novelty that is turning on a wide interest, especially for owners of small and medium boats, is the new Wave TV/FM antenna with surprisingly small size and at the same time proves to be excellent in reception, thanks to the double polarization (vertical/horizontal) and a careful study of the amplification parameters.

In 2017, the extensive series of VHF antennas was also expanded, placing the new KS-43 at the top of the range, which is aimed at the professional market or that of the largest boats. In fact, the KS-43 is a 5/8 wave, 6 dB collinear antenna capable of challenging any antenna in its class in terms of performance.

Furthermore, with the intention of providing new solutions for the installation of antennas, in 2017 Scout presents a set of new accessories, some to meet particular installation situations, others, as in the case of the PA-83, to suggest new methods of fixing compared to traditional solutions.