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Exposure Light presents its headlamps, or torches to be worn as a headband and that excel in activities; at night.

Exposure Lights plus investments in the nautical sector

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We are surprised by the success in the Italian market of the Exposure Lights product line and in particular of the Exposure MOB lighthouse. The range that we presented in March 2016, focuses on products intended mainly for safety and Italian users generally find it difficult to understand the full value of this type of products.

The success of Exposure Lights comforts us, not only on a commercial level, but above all for the evolution of the users who start to understand the added value of safety, as a help to make us more serene and better appreciate our activities at sea.

Exposure Lights is increasingly entering the nautical market and is investing with totally new and original products. In the coming months we will present other interesting news designed by this English brand.

Today it is time to present a type of product that should never be missing in the boat. The headlamp is in fact an indispensable accessory when you are forced to operate in the dark. In fact, with hands-free and a light that projects right in the direction of our gaze, we acquire an operating mode very similar (sometimes even better) to the day. If you've never tried one, it's time to do so, you'll soon realize how useful this accessory is.

Exposure Lights headlamps

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Headlamps are the ideal solution for night-time operation, but you need the right product, especially if you are using it for a long time.

Exposure Lights has designed headlamps to the highest standards, built to last, very light (43 gr) and extremely comfortable, in short, a product of a different category, intended for professional use or for those who want maximum comfort in carrying out any operation at night.

The RAW Pro model is a headlamp designed strictly for the nautical sector. It is completely marinized and waterproof up to 2 meters deep according to the IPx8 standard.

The RAW Pro is equipped with two lights, the traditional white light and a red one with ONV technology. The ONV is of a particular shade and intensity designed specifically not to deteriorate the natural adaptation of vision to night vision, which is of fundamental importance for not losing completely the sense of direction.

The RAW Pro also provides strobe functionality with a light intensity that can be distinguished from 5 miles away and with a range of 5 hours, this represents a great added value for our safety!

While the Verso model is intended for a wider audience, embracing all the various sectors where the use of the headlamp is now common, as in the world of hiking, camping, jogging and even boating.

The Verso is also available in a version with a second extra 1700 mAh battery, which can be housed on the band, which allows us to extend the autonomy up to 30 hours at minimum intensity, however sufficient for most activities.

Both the Verso Mk2 and the Raw, are effectively controlled by a single button where there is a separate LED able to warn about the status of the charge and the operating mode.

The products Exposure Lights Verso Mk2 and RAW Pro are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.