HH150 the new entry level of Cobra Marine

hh150 il nuovo entry level di cobra marine news 1

Cobra Marine replaces the entry level model of the handsets with a new model that can float and be better distinguished.

The new entry level reference for Cobra Marine

HH150 il nuovo entry level di Cobra Marine n.1
HH150 il nuovo entry level di Cobra Marine n.2

Among the qualities that have distinguished on the market the VHF Cobra Marine, there is undoubtedly the construction technique in making the apparatus watertight, floating and well distinguishable even at night. In fact, the market itself has found watertightness even beyond the declared standards, a perfect trim when floating on the water and optimal traceability thanks to the orange band with high visibility.

Cobra Marine's entry level portable VHF lacked these prerogatives, but today the new MR HH150FLTE, which replaces the MR HH125 EU+ model, resolutely fills this gap.

In fact, the new MR HH150FLTE, while following most of the prerogatives of the MR HH125 EU+, is submersible according to the IPx7 standard, floating and has the famous orange band.

The MR HH150FLTE VHF makes it perfect for small boats or for larger ones such as backup VHF or to be carried on a tender. More precisely wherever you need a small portable VHF and the budget is low, while for the more pretentious remember that the Cobra Marine range is very wide.

Like its predecessor, it offers the convenient possibility of replacing the batteries supplied with common mini alkaline stylus, a solution that can be decisive in case of emergency, in case you forgot to keep the VHF fully charged. In addition, the MR HH150FLTE VHF can be conveniently charged from 12 Vdc via the supplied cigarette lighter plug.

The new MR HH150FLTE VHF is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.


HH150 il nuovo entry level di Cobra Marine n.3
  • Float with high visibility orange band
  • Submersible according to IPx7 standard
  • Small with anatomical handle
  • Power selectable from 0.5, 1 and 3 watts
  • Signal Intensity Bar
  • Roger Beep