Cobra Marine MR HH150FLTE Floating and Submersible

MR HH150FLTE Cobra Marine

Cobra Marine MR HH150FLTE portable marine VHF, which while being part of the prestigious range as an entry level model, floats and is submersible.


One of the qualities that have made Cobra Marine VHF so popular is represented by the construction techniques, in particular those aimed at not making any discomfort when the VHF falls into the sea.
The MR HH150FLTE VHF, while being the entry level VHF of the range, takes advantage of these features, being floating, submersible and equipped with a high visibility orange band to be distinguished even in poor visibility conditions.

It's particularly small and the handle is comfortable, so you can easily access all the features that the VHF MR HH150FLTE is equipped with.

It offers popular features such as the Roger Beep, signal strength bar, keyboard lock, channel scan and Dual Watch.


  • 020-2150

    Cobra Marine MR HH150FLTE, Portable VHF

    GTIN13: 0028377202377; Weight: 0.3 kg; Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 9 cm
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  • Float with high visibility orange band
  • Submersible according to IPx7 standard
  • Small with anatomical handle
  • Power selectable from 0.5, 1 and 3 watts
  • Signal Intensity Bar
  • Roger Beep


Type of productPortable
ConstructionIPx7 (Waterproof for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter) - Floater
ChannelsAll International Channels
Emerg.Key Reserved for Channel 16
ScanOn All Channels
Dual WatchDual Watch (Channel 16 scan + one of your choice)
Rx indicatorOn 3 notches graduated bar
FrequenciesVHF marine frequencies
Power TxMax 3 W - Mid 1 W - Min 0,5 W
Audio Power250 mW - 8 Ohm
Sensitivity0.30 µV 12dB Sinad
Reiez.Interm.-70 dB
AlimentazFrom 5 NIMH batteries or AAA alkaline batteries
Autonomy9 hours
AbsorptionTx: 1.1 A, Rx: 100 mA, Standby: 40 mA
Dimensions117h x 69 x 38 mm
Weight (kg)227 gr without batteries
More Carats.Roger Beep, Battery Charge Indicator, Keypad Lock


  • 5 x 850 mAh NiMh rechargeable mini-drum (AAA) batteries
  • Cigarette lighter plug cable for 12 Vdc charging
  • Belt attachment