Roger Beep

The Roger Beep, helps to mark the turn of the conversation, when the transmission key is released, the listener receives an acoustic alert.

Roger Beep n.1

The Roger Beep has been present for years on radios dedicated to other types of communications (an example is the taxi radio) has entered the nautical sector only a few years ago and was introduced by Cobra Marine which had accumulated many years of experience in this technology in the segment of PMR.

There is no doubt that Italian is used to speaking in duplex mode, as it happens in common phones and for many the first approach with marine VHF is traumatic, because we do not know the common use of a half-duplex transceiver and the need to say "step" to try to prevent the two interlocutors activate the transmission together, with the result of not being able to feel each other.

The Roger Beep, helps a lot, marking in some way the word step that is replaced by a recognizable beep.

In fact, when the other party releases the transmission key (PTT), the listener will be able to recognize the beep that identifies the end of the transmission.