Boss Marine lights us up with WP4 and WP6

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For a joyful atmosphere or an original courtesy light, Boss Marine has designed an LED light antenna with unique construction qualities.

A light antenna with unsuspected qualities

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The remarkable success of Boss Marine in the nautical audio market, is leading the brand to focus more and more on this sector and it is for this reason that now it also pushes towards other types of marine products, not closely related to the world of audio.

The WP4 and WP6 of "Boss Marine" is a 360° luminous rod antenna that integrates a set of LEDs that, through a remote control, we can adjust in the color of light and light intensity. While for a more joyful atmosphere, we can enable some modes that can reproduce games of light really attractive and engaging.

From a visual observation of the product, the construction technique is the prerogative that immediately catches the eye. In fact, the antenna strikes the right balance between flexibility and robustness. If we try to bend it, we start to bend, but if we give even more force it bends less and we see that the breaking point is still very far away. This flexibility, combined with a rubber coating, guarantees a not insignificant safety for the crew, as well as being a guarantee for the durability of this product.

WP4 and WP6 not only shockproof, but also fully protected from water according to IP67 standard (submersible to a depth of one meter).

Particular attention has also been paid to ease of installation. It is sufficient to fix the fitting with a through bolt and bring the power supply. The antenna can then be disconnected in 5 seconds by means of an aluminium bayonet connection and a power plug.

The possibilities of use of this antenna are really limited to the imagination. There are those who want a light of original courtesy, those who instead like a joyful atmosphere on the boat, there are those who like to stand out and there are those who after dinner on land find it hard to find the boat in the harbor. In addition, the WP4 and WP6 are also equipped with flag hooks, so if you are still not happy with the current accommodation of your flag, you now know where to put it.

WP4 and WP6 can combine 22 dynamic light effects, 20 different colours, 10 speeds and 5 lighting modes. Obviously if we are not fans of light games, we can set only one permanent color and the desired level of lighting.

The difference between the two models lies in the length and consequently also in the total brightness, the LED strip being extended over almost the entire surface. The WP4 is 122 cm long and the WP6 183 cm.

WP4 and WP6 are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.