Sustainable Portable Energy

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Snooper presents a series of solar panels and portable accumulators to solve your energy needs when you are away from home.

The full portability of sustainable energy!

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At sea, in a campsite, in the mountains, in the car, in a camper or on a boat, Snooper Ventura Portable Power is always ready to meet the energy you need to recharge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, GPS, VHF, MP3 player, camera, portable game console or any other accessory that has run out of battery life.

They're compact, lightweight and easy to use - just plug in the cable and charge your device at high speed.

The Snooper Ventura Portable Power series is divided into two categories: the Ventura Solar Packs portable photovoltaic solar panel series and the Ventura Powerbanks portable battery series.

There is a link between the two categories. In fact, if you're really interested in eco-sustainable energy solutions, with Ventura Solar Packs solar panels you can recharge your portable Powerbanks and so you can always carry a lot of green energy with you, always ready to use.

Solar Panels for Your Green Energy Always Ready

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Ventura Solar Packs are very functional portable folding solar panels, particularly light, but at the same time powerful with an efficiency of 21%. In fact, they adopt the solution in monocrystalline silicone, reserved for solar panels that require high performance.

When folded they take up the space of a tablet, but in a few seconds they can be unfolded from the convenient case to form a true multifaceted photovoltaic solar panel.

Thanks to their 11 adapters, they can charge almost anything: GPS, laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras and even Ventura Powerbanks.
Ventura Solar Packs solar panels are a real reference for all lovers of outdoor activities and clean energy!

Two models are available:

  • The SPV140 can recharge with a power of up to 14 Watts and the module consists of 4 faces.
  • The SPV280 can recharge with a power of up to 28 Watts and the module consists of 8 faces.

Super Capacity Portable Accumulators

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The Ventura Powerbanks are light and small accumulators, but at the same time have a really amazing energy capacity: up to 3 times that of an electric bike battery and weighing only 700 grams! The Ventura Powerbanks represent a really surprising reserve of energy, if we then bring with us a Ventura Solar Packs, we could have a virtually infinite reserve of green energy.

Two models are available:

  • The PB50 is really small to fit comfortably in a small pocket and has a capacity of 5600 mAh. It is made of shockproof rubber, is waterproof, shock-resistant, dust-proof and weighs only 145 grams. It also has measures to warn of a hazardous situation.
  • The PB100 has a super capacity of 21,000 mAh, but weighs only 700 grams, has multiple adapters to make it possible to recharge numerous devices and has the ability to charge at 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc and 19 Vdc.