Commander beats Commander

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STEINER presents the new Commander where a set of small improvements are made on a new Open-Bridge structure.

A Single Reference

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When it comes to Nautica and binoculars there is only one reference from which to start. The Commander is not only a legend that has been with us for over 40 years, but a single reference when it comes to safety, the virtues of a product, and the value added expressed toward the needs of boating.

The Commander is not just a symbol for commanders the world over, but an object designed to perfection by the best masters of German optics that results in binoculars of unparalleled quality. It does not take an expert to understand the differences in observation with any other binoculars, and if the expert is called upon, he can only confirm the total perfection of the Commander's optics.

Today STEINER is embarking on a new challenge, namely precisely that of renewing its flagship, pandering to new trends but leaving intact the construction techniques that have placed the Commander on another level.

It is not easy to renew an object with such a tradition, but STEINER still carries the DNA of its founder, bent on overcoming the most daring challenges, and the new Commander shines in the light of a challenge met.

The new Commander

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The success from the new Navigator series decreed by the new structure, which is characterized by the connection of the two light clusters by a bridge, made it easier for STEINER to understand the direction.

In fact, the new Commander highlights the new bridge structure (Open-Bridge) that leaves some free space for the hand and fingers to find a firmer and more articulate grip, even facilitating the one-handed grip mode.

For the new Commander, the various construction techniques have been further refined, such as STEINER Nano-Protection Diamond Marine Coating, which allows for abundant reduction of tedious reflections and maximized clarity, as well as allowing more light to penetrate the optics, thus making the binoculars suitable for use even in poor lighting conditions.

The nitrogen pressurization technique with two-way technology, ensures in the complete prevention of fogging and allows optical qualities to remain unchanged for decades. This prerogative, combined with the construction techniques, allows the binoculars to remain waterproof to a depth of 10 meters.

Personal dioptric focusing is done with precision and is facilitated by special rubberized knobs. Once this adjustment has been achieved, the Auto-Focus system frees us from the need to constantly adjust the focal length as the distance to the object we wish to frame changes from time to time; in fact, all objects from 20 meters will always be in focus.

Good news for those who prefer the compass version, in fact the whole system has undergone further revisions and improvements. The 40 mm compass is even better stabilized and the reticle also appears better refined, so we could work on calculating distances more accurately and quickly.

When we talk about STEINER we cannot ignore that we are referring to the best qualities of German optics. The new Commander is guaranteed by STEINER 's High Definition Optics system to show images with incredible clarity, high contrast and maximum resolution. The field of view excels at 140 meters at a distance of 1000 meters, thus ensuring a better overall perception of the object we are framing.

As with its predecessor, the warranty is 30 years.

Commercial Information

The new Commander is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

The old models are considered to be out of production as of today, and although we still have a stock of the old models, we report that this is particularly small and therefore suggest that any collectors who have not yet arranged the old model in their display should hurry.

On this same occasion we must unfortunately report a price increase on the Navigator series by about 10 percent, due to the well-known increase in costs on materials.


  • Ultra-durable polycarbonate construction with with extremely long-lasting NBR rubber for the ultimate in light weight and strength to withstand an impact of up to 11G.
  • Steiner Nano-Protection®: molecular water repellent, able to repel water and dust from the lens.
  • Auto Focus: for always in focus images from 20 meters to infinity.
  • N2 injection™: sealed with dry nitrogen injected at a pressure of 14 psi with 2-way valve technology. To counter fogging in all conditions.
  • Floating prism system with flexible silicone for shock absorption.
  • Chemical coatings are applied in all air-glass passages to ensure the optimization of light passage, so that our eye can perceive higher contrast and brighter details even in low light conditions.
  • Manufacturing process consisting of more than 460 steps that attest to its rigorous quality.
  • Padded floating strap: allows the binoculars to float and the bright yellow color allows for easy tracking.
  • ClicLoc® strap (non-floating) allows the binoculars to be instantly attached or detached.
  • ErgoFlex eye grommets.
  • Waterproof to a depth of 10 meters.
  • 30-year warranty.

Limited to 7x50c model:

Integrated precisioncompass complete with reticle for distance calculation. With 40 mm diameter and particularly efficient damping systems, it makes itself especially accurate, fast and reliable.


  • Weight: 1090 g
  • Width: 208 mm.
  • Height: 160 mm.
  • Depth: 88 mm.
  • Output pupil: 7.1 mm
  • Brightness: 51.02
  • Twilight factor: 18.71.
  • Field of view at 1000 m: 140 m
  • Operating temperature: from ?40 °C to +80 °C