STEINER-Optik is a leading German company in pointing optics


STEINER-Optik, founded by Karl Steiner in 1947, is a leading manufacturer of binoculars for military, marine, outdoor and hunting use.


The company was founded in 1947 in Bayreuth by Karl Steiner, who had the ambition to produce functional, solid and impeccable optics that stood out from the rest of the post-war production. Karl's passion for absolute perfection transformed the company from a small business to a 50-employee company in just 5 years, to become today's worldwide optical icon with binoculars and spotting scopes for every use. A history of innovation that counts a large number of fans in every category.

In its 70-year history, STEINER has been the author of several important technological innovations, such as the first nitrogen-filled binoculars in 1973, the first binoculars with integrated compass in 1979 and the first bionoculars with Nano-Protection® in 2006.

Carl Steiner has always lived up to its commitment to excellence, to constantly invest in research and development, to maintain the production site in Germany, to create new jobs and to train the workforce, which now comprises around 300 employees.

Today STEINER produces binoculars for the military, nautical, hunting, outdoor, birdwatching and leisure sectors. The name Steiner is now synonymous with high-performance optics.

From humble beginnings in the post-war period, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality optics. Generations of dedication that have led the company to reach the highest levels of technology, for reliability that lasts over time!