Bluefin LEDs the First Reference of Underwater LEDs

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BlueFin Led is a new brand specializing in the production of innovative underwater LEDs designed and built entirely in the UK.

Bluefin LED, an Inimitable Production

Bluefin LED il Primo Riferimento dei LED Subacquei n.1
Bluefin LED il Primo Riferimento dei LED Subacquei n.2
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Bluefin LED was born from the creativity of some English technicians, managers and investors, with years of experience in the segment of underwater LEDs, with the explicit aim of becoming the reference of this technology, offering solutions technically and qualitatively superior.

Bluefin LED products are strictly designed and manufactured in Great Britain by selecting only the highest quality components. The frame is made of AB2 marinized bronze and not plastic or aluminum, as often used by competitors.

LEDs represent the state of the art of technology, offering significantly lower absorption for the same lighting.
The light is propagated over a wide angle and with an optimal diffusion, offering a clear illumination towards the sea bottom, but at the same time suffused towards the interior environment of the boat, creating a particularly welcoming atmosphere.

The entire range offers exclusive builtin driver technology, reverse polarity protection, active thermal control and a Guard X protective layer to prevent marine vegetation.

Bluefin LED suggests to be wary of economic solutions that can jeopardize the safety of the boat and need a new towing to replace it. A Bluefin LED underwater beacon is a real enhancement of the boat and an investment in time.

Finally Bluefin LED emphasizes the efficiency of its production scale and invites you to make a careful price comparison, to find out how all this technology ultimately costs even less than the competition.

Bluefin LED, wide range for all needs

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Bluefin LED offers a range of underwater LEDs that can meet the needs of any boat, from the smallest to the super yachts.

Piranha P3 and Piranha P6
They are specific for smaller boats with brightness from 1100 to 2100 lumens and are characterized by a totally simplified installation. The frame is made of bronze, while the housing of the LEDs is made of high impact resistant polymer.

The installation is totally simplified as for the Piranha series.

Stingray S16, Stingray S20, Great White GW16 and Great White GW20
are intended for larger boats and are the recommended solutions for mounting through the hull. Available with brightness between 5600 and 9000 Lumen. The whole structure is made of AB2 bronze and borosilicate lenses. The Great White series also allows the replacement at any time (even with the boat in the water) of the entire LED circuit.

All models are available with light in diamond white, topaz blue and emerald green.

Marketing begins in Italy

Bluefin LED il Primo Riferimento dei LED Subacquei n.7
Bluefin LED il Primo Riferimento dei LED Subacquei n.8

Bluefin LED products are exclusively represented on the Italian territory by Marine Pan Service, they are already available in our warehouses and will soon be marketed by retailers, wholesalers, installers and shipyards.

The winter storage is the best opportunity to install these lights, so it's just the right time to think about equipping your boat with the best underwater LEDs!

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "We are very excited by this new agreement, the gentlemen of Bluefin LED represent one of the best examples of British professionalism, a staff chosen where everyone in their field of operation offers the best of excellence. All this is reflected in a range that is unique in its kind for the originality of its solutions, quality, reliability and durability. It will be a pleasure to spread such a prestigious brand in Italy and we have no doubt that Bluefin LED will soon be the first reference of this technology.