Cobra Marine Increases

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After the general increase of 20/07/2021 that did not affect Cobra Marine products, today is the time of increases for this brand.

The chip crunch crisis

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We have illustrated the general situation regarding the container and chip crunch crisis with the following news:

Increases in the face of a complex international situation

In the same news we have mentioned that Cobra Marine has remained for the moment on the sidelines, but at the same time we have predicted that an increase was suspected soon, also for this brand.

Today we are officially announcing the increase also for Cobra Marine products. The increase is around 10%, but on the F77B it touches 24% and 26% on the HH500.

Availability of Cobra Marine products

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It is worth noting the commitment of Cobra Marine in making a decent availability of products even during the Chip Crunch period.

In fact, in the season just passed, there were only temporary shortages that have been resolved within a few weeks. All this with the exception of the"MR HH600 FLT GPS BT E" model which unfortunately remained unavailable for several months of the season and only recently became available again.

In this deep crisis of the Chip Crunch this is to be considered an excellent result and we are particularly proud that Cobra Marine has managed to distinguish itself positively even in this complex situation.

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2022 season we are even more optimistic as Cobra Marine is showing even more commitment in trying to maintain good product availability and it is a comfort to see the arrivals that we have confirmed in the coming months.