Increases in the face of a complex international situation

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It 's a time when faced with difficulties, objective, insidious speculative maneuvers that trigger a spiral seemingly endless.

Rising costs, why?

Aumenti a fronte di una situazione internazionale complessa n.1

The pandemic has undoubtedly created objective difficulties, slowed down traffic that then reopens faster than before to try to make up for lost time, so the containers begin to run out and the inevitable speculation brings their price to the stars.

Not to mention the crisis of components (chip crunch) that is bringing several production sectors to their knees. It's a crisis that can also hit where bargaining power is very strong, as in the case of Sony with its Playstation 5, let alone the difficulties that the nautical sector, made up of small numbers, is facing.

On the other hand, the marine industry is one of the few sectors that has benefited from an increase in demand during this pandemic crisis, but this only adds to the problem of component availability and container shortages.

We at Marine Pan Service have a clear focus on these issues and all our strategic plans are currently aimed at minimising the impact of these difficulties on our customers. However, prices are inevitably fermenting and we have little leverage over this difficulty, so we warn our customers that our price lists will be subject to inevitable increases without warning as never before.

Boss Marine" availability problems

We already knew about the availability problems at the beginning of this season, so we moved well in advance to try to avoid delivery shortages. Nevertheless, we had some problems, but they were mainly limited to the Boss Marine brand due to a tripled demand. For the other brands, there have been occasional shortages, but in most cases these have been temporary and we are particularly proud of this result.

For Boss Marine we had several arrivals, but each one was immediately distributed to our customers and since June we have been completely out of stock for many of the products in the line. The next arrivals are scheduled for August and the following months, and the particularly intense purchasing plan pushes us towards a fair degree of optimism for 2022.

Fortunately, in May 2021 we distributed significant quantities to nautical wholesalers, so most of the products should still be available on the market.


We have today made some adjustments to our price lists and only in the case of Boss Marine can we speak of a substantial increase. All other brands have made small and often insignificant adjustments.

There are also brands that have not undergone any change, as in the case of Cobra Marine, but this does not deny the possibility that there will be new increases in the short term and that will inevitably affect this brand.

For Boss Marine, on the other hand, we would like to point out that the increase has been consistent, since theaudio market has had much more incisive problems in the availability of components. However, we are confident that in the short term there will be no further increases on Boss Marine and we will do everything possible to mitigate them by reducing our margins.