The new generation of Navigator binoculars from STEINER

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The Navigator series is being redesigned from the ground up, taking advantage of all the technological innovations continuously being shaped in STEINER's laboratories.

The fascination that accompanies every new STEINER production

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STEINER is not just a symbol, but represents the highest expression of optical technology in the production of binoculars. Thus with each new production of the German company STEINER, a historic moment is created, where market and critics look for the new direction.

Today's historic moment is represented by the introduction of the new Navigator series, which is positioned in the same range as its predecessor, the Navigator Pro. The Navigator series has such a long tradition that STEINER has decided to leave the name virtually unchanged, but this should not be misleading: the new Navigator series is part of a project that has been rebuilt from the ground up so as not to spoil the fascination that accompanies every new STEINERproduction.

From Navigator Pro to the new Navigator, what does it change?

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The new "OPEN-BRIDGE-SYSTEM" is immediately noticeable, a new bridge connecting the two light clusters that leaves space for the hand and fingers to find a firmer and more articulated grip, even in one-handed mode. Also the external rubber has been improved with a relief texture to allow a more comfortable grip and an excellent grip in any weather situation, thanks also to the water-repellent material used.

The optical unit has also been completely redesigned to bring it closer to the sought-after technical prerogatives of the professional Commander series. In fact, for example, the field of view at 1000 m/h reaches 128 m, against 123 m in the previous series.

Compared with the previous series, the equipment has also been revised, in particular the carrying case, which is more elegant and has a much more ergonomic zipper opening for easier removal of the binoculars.

Even the models with the compass now have additional features. The damping system has been completely revised to ensure better compensation for every movement of the binoculars. In addition, the position of the illumination button has now been placed in a more strategic position to facilitate use in one-handed mode.

Of course, the solutions that have always placed Steiner binoculars in a different category have also been reconfirmed in this new series. Examples of this are the auto-focus function that keeps us away from focal length adjustment for all objects over 20m, the legendary robustness for impacts of up to 11g, the ability to withstand depths of up to 5m and the ability to withstand a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.

Availability and Commercial Considerations

The new Navigator series is already available and purchasable at the best nautical retailers, however the quantities are not proportional to the expected demand, so in case of interest we suggest not to hesitate.

The old Navigator Pro series will remain available through at least 2021, although we must report a temporary unavailability for the 7x50 models. The Navigator Pro remains a slightly cheaper option and boasts some enthusiasts for that type of design, for that reason it will not be considered an overlay, but rather one more option of choice.