Cortex and Anchor Watch

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Often we limit ourselves to evaluating a tool for the number of functions, but with Cortex it is necessary to examine the effectiveness of each individual function.

The effectiveness of each individual function of the Cortex

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By integrating new technologies, Cortex was not only able to create new functions, but also to push some existing functions towards the state of the art and make them finally effective.

Anchor Watch is an example of this. Before now this feature was realized with poor algorithms and by consulting few parameters, most of the times taking into account only the GPS position and realized in this way it becomes only a trap for the boring false alarms that make the Anchor Watch a distraction to be avoided.

In this article we explain how the Cortex Anchor Watch has become a function with enormous added value, not only for its precision, thanks to the vast number of parameters it takes into account, but also because this function becomes available remotely and we can thus leave the boat at anchor with greater serenity.

The Cortex Anchor Watch

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The Anchor Watch is structured on a very sophisticated algorithm able to detect exactly when the anchor starts to plough and to show you with an attractive graphic, the global attitude of your anchorage.

Vesper's Anchor Watch is the result of years of study into this need. The heart of the functionality is in the noble algorithm developed by the masters of Vesper with exemplary meticulousness. The algorithm constantly monitors the position (with the integrated GPS ) and the heading of the boat (with the integrated compass ), to give you exact data on the status of your anchorage and only when necessary, send you specific alarms, sound and/or voice.

If we then want to make the Anchor Watch more powerful, we can interface depth and wind data. In this way the algorithm will have additional evaluation parameters that will make it even more sophisticated.

If we are on a boat we will use the Anchor Watch to understand if we are actually ploughing. Those who love the roadstead, know well that on windy nights we stay awake to constantly monitor our anchorage and in this situation every gust feeds our emotional state, because at night it is difficult to understand what is happening in the water around our anchor.

With the Cortex this situation turns into a fun, not only we will be alerted promptly, but we will also be able to constantly monitor our buoyancy to understand if it is possible to go to sleep, trusting that the Cortex will wake us up if we have made a wrong assessment.

If, on the other hand, we leave the boat at anchor to go to the beach or to a restaurant, Anchor Watch becomes an essential feature, not only to monitor our precious boat, but also as a matter of respect for the general rules of safety at sea. So at the restaurant we will be freer from these thoughts, trusting that for any problem we will be alarmed and since we yachtsmen are often preciously paranoid, there will be nothing wrong if every now and then we display on our smartphone the Anchor Watch screen to remove any doubt.

We should point out that the remote functionality of Anchor Watch is only available with the Premium subscription, details of which we have given in this article:
When you're onboard and when you're remote