Marine Audio

Marine audio covers all the components needed to install a sound diffusion system on board a boat.

Audio Marino n.1

The functionalities of the various components are similar to those of other audio sectors such as the automotive sector. However, the components are structurally different, because they are specifically designed to better counteract the effects of the marine environment. In fact, every component of marine audio is subject to marinizing techniques.
See also: marinizing, marine stereo, marine speaker and marine amplifier.

A stereo system on a boat normally consists of the following components:

Multiple installation solutions

A boat really offers many opportunities to install the speakers and other components, so as to be a joy for hi-fi enthusiasts, who will be able to indulge in finding the appropriate volume between panels and lockers.
In practice there are no precise rules on how and where to install these components, also because much also depends on the size of the boat, the important thing is a good smattering on the audio systems in general, otherwise it is always better to get help from an expert.

The power supply

It is important to consider that an excellent stereo system can absorb much more than any other user on board. Therefore, it will be necessary for the electrical panel to be equipped with a specific magnetothermal switch for the user of the stereo system with an amperage proportional to the absorption of the amplifier.
The cable to the amplifier must also have a proportionate cross-section.
In addition, stereos often do not have an internal battery for back-up memory and in these cases the yellow cable must be connected directly to the battery to avoid that, when you disconnect the batteries, you lose memories such as that of FM channels.