Mini tripod for Kestrel anenometers: code 0807

0807 Mini-Treppiede Kestrel

Kestrel Mini-Tripod folding, Compact and portable, Code 0807, Legs extendable from 10 to 25 cm, supplied with a padded case.


Mini-Tripod folding, suitable to support the entire series of anemometers Kestrel so that you can use it as a fixed station, you can make measurements even in those occasions where it takes longer, our anemometer will remain firmly and motionless, so you can provide accurate data.

The tripod legs extend to a maximum height of 25 cm and a minimum of 10 cm. Ultra compact and portable, it weighs only 82 gr. It comes with a padded case.


  • 181-1030

    Kestrel Mini-Tripod (All Series)

    GTIN13: 0730650008032; Weight: 0.2 kg; Dimensions: 19 x 8 x 5 cm
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  • Padded case

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