Kestrel: portable anemometers and weather instruments


Kestrel portable weather instruments for measuring moltpelic weather data from anywhere in the world.


Welcome to Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters...

The Kestrel is a small hawk that lives all over North America. The glider works like them, flying in the upward currents. Ever since the first Kestrel anemometer was designed by a glider, the name Kestrel seemed so appropriate that we didn't change it. Plus, we really like it!

Meteorological instruments are not part of our work but ARE our work. We can't afford to be wrong. You can be sure that every detail has been carefully examined over and over again. We believe that our "obsession - meteorological" results in a large line of products, and a large company.

NK is based in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, where we develop and manufacture all our products. We have a staff of engineers who continuously churn out new technologies to make our products stronger, more precise and more functional. The owners, Paul Nielsen and Richard Kellerman are dedicated to manufacturing to ensure that each Kestrel Anemometer meets our high standard. You may find less expensive anemometers, but you will never find one that works better than a Kestrel!

Whether you are on Everest monitoring the weather or in the garden behind your home measuring the temperature of your pool water, your Kestrel anemometer is always reliable and safe.